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Melbourne to Alice Springs

What an amazing view! The Eurecka skydeck in Sydney gives you 360° view and is a must see when you start your route. During this magnificent trip you’ll start driving along the Great Ocean Road with its stunning views. Visit old fisher’s town Port Fairy, while in Adelaide travel through town and visit a museum or  the zoo. Once you have reached Coober Pedy take a tour of the mines where temperatures can rise up to 50°C! You’ll visit the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide and get a real sense of the Australian Outback in Alice Springs. The Northern Territory is famous for Ayers Rock located in the middle of Australia you will see the magical and spiritual tourist attraction with a long history great importance in the Aboriginal culture.

Travel Itinerary

  • Day 1: Melbourne

    Visit Eureka Skydeck and see the sights of Melbourne from the 88th Floor. It’s the southern hemisphere’s highest viewing platform and offers great views!

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  • Day 2: Melbourne – Apollo Bay

  • Day 3: Apollo Bay

  • Day 4: Apollo Bay – Portland

    Port fairy is an old fishing village along the Great Ocean Road. This charming town has wide streets, Norfolk Pines, old stone churches, boarding houses and nineteenth century cottages. In Port Fairy 50 buildings are classified by the National trust.

  • Day 5: Portland - Salt Creek

  • Day 6: Salt Creek – Adelaide

  • Day 7: Adelaide

  • Day 8: Adelaide - Port Augusta

  • Day 9: Port Augusta – Coober Pedy

  • Day 10: Coober Pedy

    In the mining city Coober Pedy at least half of the population lives underground just to escape from the high temperatures during the summer. It’s so fascinating that you really have to take a look around in this town for yourself. Coober Pedy is the only place where you’ll find underground hotels, restaurants, bars, an underground church, and a golf course without grass.

  • Day 11: Coober Pedy - Marla

  • Day 12: Marla - Ayers Rock

  • Day 13: Ayers Rock

    Ayers Rock is Australia’s most recognisable natural icon. Standing 348 metres high, the monolith has great cultural significance for the traditional Aboriginal owners, the Anangu people.

  • Day 14: Ayers Rock - Alice Springs

Marla Roadhouse, the real country side

Marla is fairly unknown but it’s beautiful and unique. Admire the wildflowers on the path and like in Coober Pedy, visit the underground church to escape the sun and hot temperatures. See the scenery for yourself in this video, coming directly from the centre of the earth. Enjoy!