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A First Look at Melbourne

Nothing spells style in the Land Down Under like Melbourne. If there’s one city in Australia that is passionate about their artistry and visual appeal, then it’s definitely Melbourne. Everywhere you look something definitely catches your attention, from all the wonderful and awe-inspiring museums and old-school architecture to the cool graffiti found in the walls of the cobble-stoned streets.

Melbourne is located in south Australia in the state of Victoria. Being the capital and most popular city in the state, the city is buzzing with activity. For the burgeoning tourist, here is a quick guide on what to expect in Melbourne with a drive on an original Winnebago vehicle.

Art and Culture in Melbourne

Get to know more about the city through its architecture. Many years of prosperity has given Melbourne great buildings with traditional yet eye-popping architecture. In Federal Square alone, which is surrounded by Flinders Street Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral, you’re sure to get your fill on what Melbourne is all about. Old and new mix here with museums with large collection of memorabilia from through the years as well as more modern takes on culture. Among the museums you must visit are the Australian Centre of Moving Image for Aussie Cinema, the Melbourne Visitor Centre, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Yarra. Located just across Southbank, Yarra contains magnificent public art and shopping and dining areas.

Meanwhile, found in the streets of Melbourne are street art and graffiti that everyone can be proud of. Sitting among New York and Berlin as one of the world’s capitals of street art. In the city’s laneways, The walls are painted with gratifying images by street art connoisseurs from all over the world.

Gastronomy in Melbourne

Melbournians take their food very seriously and it is very evident in the numerous stalls that line various streets. These can be found in the Queen Victoria Market. There are loads of international restaurant and pubs designed by immigrants so that’s one thing they should be thankful for. Many food strips can be found in the streets of Lyon and Acland, respectively. Also the aroma of coffee is something that you’ll taste in the air as Melbourne is passionate about its coffee.

Everywhere is a treat to the senses, from artistic wonders, gastronomic finds and of course, the lovely and energetic people.

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