Winnebago Alice Springs

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The third largest town in the Northern Territory, “Alice” or “The Alice”, as it is more popularly known to locals, is the home of the Aboriginal culture of Australia, the desert adventures like camel riding and four-wheel driving and, of course, the changing colours of the Uluru or Ayers Rock.

What to do in Alice Springs

Being in the centre of the Australian region, Alice has earned a reputation to being on of the most visited places. Experience true blue outback adventures with all the activities you can do here. Take your original Winnebago vehicle for a drive to the Uluru and then journey your way to the all of the destinations therein. In Uluru, or Ayers Rock, watch the rock formation change from one colour to another in a matter of hours. Hover over the outback through helicopter and balloon rides.

Another thing you can do in Alice Springs is to ride camels. Before technology took over, camel riding was the primary mode of transportation in Central Australia. Now, there are several camel tours available such as the Pyndan Camel Tracks with half-day treks to Temple Bar Gap. There are also four-wheel adventures, hiking in the Larapinta Trail, bike riding in the Araluen Mountain Bike Trails, bird watching in the Alice Springs Desert Park among many other adventures.

if you’re thinking that Alice Springs is just for fun and games, then think again. The Araluen Arts Centre, the Muk Muk Fine Art and the Papunya Tula Artists hold magnificent collections of Aboriginal art with events including trade fairs, exhibitions, craft displays and even live performances. Some works of art and decor are purchasable too. Meanwhile, there are also local markets selling local produces, art and craft found in the street markets of Alice Springs.

Gateway to the Northern Territory

Alice Springs can be your first stop on a campervan trip to the Red Centre and discover the great Outback. Drive your original Winnebago vehicle to other locations near the Red Centre such as Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Devils Marbles, Kings Canyon, MacDonnell Ranges, Larapinta Trail and the Red Centre Way.

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