Winnebago Darwin

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Darwin: the Top End

If there are two things you think would never blend, they are relaxation and adventure but Darwin manages to do the seemingly impossible by providing easy-going travels with wild and crazy adventures. Being a small and isolated city, you’ll be able to experience, in full throttle, all attractions in one day, just when you thought you’d need more. Explore this beautiful gateway of a city with an original Winnebago vehicle.

The city, which is more commonly referred to as Top End, is located by the edge of the Timor Sea, is near Bali, and is considered to be a gateway to wonderful experiences like crazy outback adventures and wild crocodile sanctuaries and relaxed destinations for the more laid-back traveller.

Crocs in Darwin

There are plenty crocodile sanctuaries in Darwin. One of them is the Crocosaurus Park, where you can get close encounters by entering the “Cage of Death” which is an enclosed tube lowered in the water while the largest and most powerful captive crocs swim and eat nearby. Here you can also feed them and take photos with the startling prehistoric creatures. In the park, there is also a Reptile House and a Turtle Enclosure for another reptilian experience. Meanwhile, you can also visit “Sweetheart” a crocodile who had a fancy for aluminum boats before he was caught in the Darwin Museum and Art Gallery.

Backtrack to Darwin’s History

If you’re looking to learn about how Darwin came to be, visit other locations in the same museum mentioned earlier. Here you can learn about local culture and heritage. Here you can learn about how Darwin was washed with a natural calamity because of a storm in 1974. Take a step further back and learn about the city’s military history and how Japan actually dropped more bombs in Darwin than the Pearl Harbour. For more information, visit the Defense of Darwin Experience and the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre.

Other things to do in Darwin

Meanwhile, you can also visit 20 of the 60 national parks of Australia located in Darwin. One of the most popular is the Litchfield National Park a beautiful and relaxing experience with nature. Further away is the Kakadu National Park, a national treasure home to one third of Australia's bird species.

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